Money Diary

Recently, I have been obsessed with Refinery 29's Money Diaries, so I have decided to create my own. This is a 7 day diary of how I spent my week and money. I don't usually track my finances to a T like this, so it was pretty interesting to see an hour by hour break… Continue reading Money Diary


Recently. That's the title because this is going to be a post of all that's been on my mind recently. I may end up oversharing, but I don't care tonight. I just want to catch up on all sorts of things I have been wanting to write about lately, but I just haven't gotten to… Continue reading Recently,

Updates; Rants.

Hello, dear readers, whoever you may be. It’s been a while, no? I am going to assuming you are hear to read my thoughts, so let’s get to it. A long post is ahead, so I won’t be offended if you skip around. *update: I am still on my low waste kick. Actually, I am… Continue reading Updates; Rants.